Capital Equipment

Foundry Molding Lines

I have negotiated and managed the purchase of two high speed mold lines including enginering, progress payments, due dates with penalty clauses, acceptance and inspection of finished product at the customer site, payment schedule, shipment methods and buyoff at “our” plants.

I have negotiated and purchased all capital equipment and services for a greenfield foundry. This Includes Engineering, Contractor Management, Cement, Steel Structure, Induction Furnaces, Core making Equipment, Pattern Making, Mold Lines, Conveyors, Bridge Cranes, Sand Plant, Robotic Manipulators, Forklifts, Strech Wrap and Banding Equipment. Includes services for rail, sand, bond, scrap, MRO supplies, compete office furniture and equipment, all utilities including natural gas and electricity contracts.

Metal Tensil Testing

I have found some of the best Material Testing Machines in the World. I have visited their plants, inspected their products, and purchased their machines. The quality of these machines are top of the line.

These machines include:

  • Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine – used for tensile, compression, bend, shear and other test of metallic materials.
  • Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine – these machines should be able to perform tensile, compression, bend, shear test of metallic materials, and perform compression and flexure tests of cement and concrete.
  • Pendulum Impact Testing Machine
  • Notch making Machine
  • Torsion Testing Machine
  • Drop Weight Impact
  • Rebar Bending and re-bending
  • Iron Ore Pellet Crush Resistance Testing Machines.

Vibratory Conveyors

  • Shakeout Conveyors, Fluidized Drying and Cooling Conveyors, Grinding Mills.
  • Shakeouts, Screeners, Material Feeding Elevators.
  • Scrap Engine Block breakers, scrap cast crushing and sizing.

Belt Conveyors

Specialized aggregate Conveyors Systems including:

  • limestone
  • gravel
  • asphalt
  • sand
  • minerals