Recently I have retired after working 31 years in procurement. I have made contacts literally all over the world. It’s time I put some of that experience
to assisting other companies looking for that cost saving edge. I started purchasing in 1978 with an OEM machine builder. After 18 years, I moved on to the
foundry Industry. With 31 years of direct purchasing experience, I have purchased everything from entire grean field foundries, capital equpiment, cleaning supplies, waste management, recycling, insurance, utilities, cars, advertising, etc., etc.

Let me give you the advantage of sources I have developed all over the world. Whether it be drafting services in India or the US, Engineering Services, Capital Equipment,
or just negotiations on a product you have already located. I have the experience and the sources.

I can work for YOU either as a consultant or strictly as outside source to quote materials you may need. I can also visit your facility and work on a commision based off
of what I can save your company. What do you have to loose?

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